I had no time enough to compile all the things I feel should be part of my portfolio, so here is a useful list with links to accounts, projects, etc.


To summarize a bit:

OSS Community

I have many projects in mind, most of them related to C++ since is my favorite language to work with. This are the most interesting for me:

There are many other projects, check my github account if you like.

Also I try to always keep an eye on Boost mailing list and the activity of libraries I like, such as Boost.Hana, range-v3, Fit, etc.


I’m one of such devs suffering from the SO fever. Its a great reference site, but I ever find more interesting answering questions. Check my profile here. As you can see, I’m a C++ pedant.


Biicode is a dependency manager for C and C++ with its headquarters located in Madrid, Spain. I worked for biicode from September 2014 to June 2015.
At biicode my work was mostly testing features, assisting the team on C/C++ related issues, and feeding the community with new library contents (Such as Boost libraries support) and blog posts. Most of the posts were related to C++ metaprogramming, and were well received by our followers. This are the first two posts: The former collapsed our server after the massive traffic from Hacker News. Initially we were thinking it was a DDoS attack! The second one was very successful at CodeProject.

Here is the complete list of posts I wrote for biicode: http://blog.biicode.com/author/manu343726/. Note some posts are not biicode specific but general C++, metaprogramming, etc. Like personal posts but hosted at bii blog.

Not C++ only, also CMake (bii is cmake based, so I achieved good cmake skills as needed to do the work), and Python by minor collaboration on the biicode codebase. Also ugly bash and python scripts… Check the CI setup of Boost above, it was quite challenging to trigger CI builds for the multiple Boost examples from one push from the main repository. I cannot wonder why Travis CI has no builtin support for this kind of setup.

By Tech

Since September 2015 I’m working at By Tech, a Spanish firm specialized in acess control systems. This means I have been doing a looooot of low level stuff, writing communication protocols by means of modern C++ techniques (I’m so proud of this, I cannot believe such a thing worked…), firmware, etc; sharing my -pedantic way of C++ with the rest of the team.

Now I’m so used to remotelly-debug ARM boards with GDB server that I completelly abandoned IDEs in favor of a full-of-awesome-plugins vim setup… I know, I should talk with a psychiatrist.

“Academic” C++

Biicode was my way to jump into the C++ community, share my work within, and gain my “That crazy spanish in love with templates” reputation. At October 2014 I managed a conference at C/C++ Madrid Meetup about C++ metaprogramming, Following with this topic (tmp), I gave another one at Meeting C++ 2015 conference, this with practical use cases in mind (Check this great post by Victor Laskin). I also gave a talk on Concepts Lite at usingstdcpp 2015 (Spanish) that same year. More C++ related talks were:

Since February 2016 I’m a member of the Spanish body of the ISO C++ Standarization Committee.