As you may already know, last C++ standarization committee meeting in Jacksonville decided what items will be part of the C++17 standard, what other will be Technical Specifications, and want others were rejected at all.

I had a lot of hope in C++17. A lot new of cool features, Concepts, Modules, Coroutines; were promised to us. But nothing was approved. This is no longer a major release but a minor one. Also, WTF is a Technical Specification?

That’s it. I no longer trust C++.

I was proud I joined the Spanish standarization body this February, but no longer I’m. Actually, it’s one of the worst descissions I have done in my career.
Seriously, the whole process was annoying: A day of sect-like tests such as walking on fire and reciting Standard paragraphs from my head like if it was the damn Holy Bible, with other committee members around me dressing like Gandalf or something. Trust me, it was so disgusting.

That said, I’m happy to announce I have been talking several weeks to join the JCP Executive Committee. This is awesome! I would be able to join a business-directed language committee! I hope I would enjoy a lot the following years refining one of the best examples of software engineering in the world, an example of why pure object orientation, fake functional programming, and SimpleAndConsiceAPIsThatWorkGreatWithEightyColumnWrapping are the right way to go.

I have a new Hope().