I find C++ template metaprogramming so funny. Maybe it’s the feel of being hacking the compiler, maybe is just a way to improve my functional programming skills. I’m not sure. But the fact is that I do meta on C++ a lot, and I’m actually used to the way it... [Read More]
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Haskellizing C++ template metaprogramming

If you followed my crazy tales about the Haskell Metaphor you may think I have a great problem with myself and the way I waste my free time… I have been doing intensive C++ template metaprogramming for up to three years, developing my own tmp library called Turbo, with the... [Read More]
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I Hate the Switch Statement

C++ inherits many of its features from the C programming language, some of them fit well with modern programming, and some others do not. One cathegory of such features is the syntax for flow control, where the C language stands above the rest of the languages thanks to some constructions... [Read More]
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