Reflection (Intro)

For three years I have been giving some C++ courses in my university as part of my spare time (Aka “the time I should have been studing”…), most of them focused in getting C++ right from the beginning. This year I decided to split the course in two: One for... [Read More]
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I would have liked to talk about Concepts Lite, but I’m still working on contiguous integration support for the examples I want to share. Maybe in a couple of weeks. [Read More]

User Friendly C++14 Concepts

Before the acceptance of Concepts Lite TS into C++17, there was a lot of effort out there in the community to make a C++11/14 compatible implementation of Concepts, at least an emulation wrapping the usual SFINAE tricks. Concepts provide nice syntax for concept definition type constraining. No more SFINAE! (I... [Read More]
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Resurce Handlers and Value Semantics

Before C++11, implementing correct value semantics for a class was a complete pain: You must deal with the constructor, copy constructor, (copy) assignment operator, and then the destructor. Also you had to take some care since those semantics are tightly coupled between that special member functions, so the compiler may... [Read More]