A new hope

As you may already know, last C++ standarization committee meeting in Jacksonville decided what items will be part of the C++17 standard, what other will be Technical Specifications, and want others were rejected at all. [Read More]
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The road for reflection: Tagging types

Something like a month ago I wrote a post introducting the reflection engine I’m writing as part of a C++ course for people in the game programming master degree of my university. Why me, an undergrad that has the end of his CS grade faaaaaaar away from his horizon, is... [Read More]
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Reflection (Intro)

For three years I have been giving some C++ courses in my university as part of my spare time (Aka “the time I should have been studing”…), most of them focused in getting C++ right from the beginning. This year I decided to split the course in two: One for... [Read More]
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I would have liked to talk about Concepts Lite, but I’m still working on contiguous integration support for the examples I want to share. Maybe in a couple of weeks. [Read More]